Marketing SWAT Team

The Talent You Need Whenever You Need It

Unlimited marketing projects - one predictable monthly price

Instantly Adapt to Evolving Needs — without Suffocating Overhead

Traditional agencies apply a one-size-fits-all approach, delivering the same services month after month. As your needs evolve, you have to add new services, hire new staff, or find specialist agencies.

We offer a uniquely flexible Fractional CMO + Marketing SWAT Team approach to driving growth for B2B software companies. First, we assign an experienced CMO to lead strategy and implementation. Then pull in our SWAT Team specialists to supplement your marketing team as needed for each month’s unique marketing challenges.  

If you just need tactical marketing support, you can sign up for just a Marketing SWAT Team service subscription for unlimited marketing projects with a predictable monthly subscription price.

Marketing SWAT Team

Fractional CMO + SWAT Team Advantage

A scoped-to-fit-you approach.

Startup looking to hit VC milestones? Newly acquired business building predictable revenue streams? Established SaaS business stressed about constant quarter-over-quarter growth demands? We listen to your unique goals and design a custom path to achieve them.

Plus, as your needs evolve, we can swap specialists in and out to get you the right help at the right time. SEO project this week? Ad campaign not week? Trade show after that? No problem!  We’ll pull in the right expert for the job.

Strategy counts — execution converts.

Decks, content maps and brand guidelines look nice. But leads, deals and revenue grow your business. From integrating MarTech to tracking KPIs to nailing that key industry conference, we don’t just advise — we implement.

Make our network your network.

Whether you need a grizzled fractional VP of sales, a whiz-kid tech guru or a “shut-up-and-take-my-money” persuasive copywriter, we always know a guy (or gal). We love bringing in specialists who can get marketing projects done better, faster, and more cost-effectively.

Right-size your marketing spend. Maximize your marketing output.

We squeeze marketing budgets until they cry for mama. Our unique SWAT Team subscription plans offer an unlimited number of projects for a fixed monthly price.  It’s like Netflix for marketing – create a list of all the projects you want us to do and activate the one you want immediately. We’ll complete each task and send it to you  – typically within two to four days depending on the complexity. Request as many revisions as you need. When the current project is approved, activate the next and we’ll get started immediately.

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What Skills Do Our SWAT Team Members Offer?

Just like a special teams squad in American football, our SWAT Team members can sub in whenever there’s a project that requires special expertise, tools, systems, or relationships.  Our model gives you the benefit of a deep bench without the heavy overhead cost of maintaining a large team. Here are the kinds of specialists we tap for projects as needed:

  • Great storytellers, copywriters and content creators who also deeply understand Google’s constantly changing search algorithm and its effect on web traffic
  • Digital advertising experts who can craft ads for multiple networks and master complex analytics to optimize each campaign
  • Graphic designers who can use images to persuasively educate customers about complex products
  • Social media ninjas who can monitor, participate and lead online communities for your brand
  • UI Designers who can mock up product designs and web interfaces
  • Public relations experts who can maintain relationships with key journalists and pitch stories effectively
  • Sales strategists (since over half of prospect education happens in the marketing funnel instead of the sales funnel now)
  • Business analysts who can calculate the business impact of complex channel, product, pricing and promotional strategies
  • Technologists who can master a growing set of technologies – Websites/CMSs, landing page hosting tools, HTML, email systems, CRM/SFAs, SEO tools, PR databases, research tools, lead databases, social media management tools, marketing automation systems, SaaS integrations, MS Office, the Adobe suite and dozens of diverse analytics and dashboard tools to keep track of it all.

SWAT Team Projects

Here are some of the common projects your VelocityMarketing SWAT Team can do for you:

Brand Identity Design

  • Develop or refresh the visual identity of the software company.
  • Logos, Colors, and Typography – new or brand refresh
  • Branding Guides
  • Letterhead & Business Cards
  • Illustrations & Icons
  • Trade Show Booth

Marketing Collateral

  • Company Descriptions & Backgrounders
  • Pitch Decks
  • Solution Overviews
  • Brochures & Datasheets
  • Case Studies & Testimonials
  • White Papers
  • Infographics
  • Sales Presentation Decks
  • Executive Bios
  • Press Releases
  • Holiday Cards
  • Electronic Communications


  • Website Designs – Modern, user-friendly, and responsive
  • Landing Page Designs
  • Website and Landing Page Copywriting
  • SEO Services – Keywords, on-page/ technical optimization, and backlink programs
  • Hosting setup & site migration
  • Marketing Tech Stack Integration
  • Website Analytics Setup

Email Marketing

  • Marketing Promo Emails
  • Email Newsletters
  • Drip/Nurture Campaigns
  • Sales Cold Outreach, VITO, and BASHO Emails
  • Email Template Setup or Design
  • Email Service Setup – website and CRM integration

Social Media

  • Editorial Calendars
  • Channel Cover Images
  • Social Posts & Graphics
  • Social Media Promotions

Video Marketing

  • Video Scripts
  • Explainer Videos
  • Demo Videos
  • AI Videos
  • Pre-recorded Webinars
  • Social Media Reels
  • Blog/White Paper to Video Content Repurposing

Product & Brand Images

  • Architecture Designs
  • Screenshots
  • Product Mockups
  • Adapted or Custom Stock Images

Interactive Prototypes

  • Interactive prototypes to showcase the functionality and flow of software applications to provide stakeholders with a preview of the user experience.

MarTech Tools We Support

Our Favorite MarTech Applications

Need help with projects with another app in your marketing tech stack? Contact us for a custom inquiry.

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