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The use of technology in marketing has grown exponentially since Scott Brinker published the first MarTech Landscape infographic with 150 applications in 2011. Today, his team tracks more than 11,000 solutions in 49 categories.

The rapid explosion of AI-powered marketing and content generation tools will add even more capabilities. Most marketing teams rely on multiple tools. Statistica reports that 44% of marketing tech stacks rely on 5-10 tools; 30% use 11-20 tools.

We can work with most leading CRMs, marketing automation platforms, sales outreach tools, content creation, social media scheduling, email marketing, project management, and analytics tools. 

Making the most of these tech investments requires four areas of success:

Mastering Marketing and Sales Data

Good data has a direct bottom-line impact on profitability. Good data has a measurable bottom line impact. SiriusDecisions estimated that companies can generate nearly 70% more revenue simply by improving the quality of their marketing data. There’s a quantifiable waterfall effect: more leads get qualified and faster, sales follow-up rates increase, more deals close. Incremental improvements can add up fast—especially when they are compounded over time. We help clients assess and clean up their data, identify useful fields to add, and plan how to capture and update new records efficiently.

Identifying Automation Opportunities

Properly configured MarTech solutions can help you significantly increase the probability of getting the right messages to the right prospects at the times of the customer acquisition cycle. From email drip campaigns to behavior-based segmentation to automated content generation, modern marketing tools offer more ways than ever to reach your prospects. We carefully analyze each client’s customer journey to look for ways to reduce pipeline friction via technology: automating data capture, nurturing campaigns, lead scoring, and alerting sales when leads are ready for human follow-up.

Robust Integration

Sharing data across your marketing systems and keeping it up to date is critical. We help customers connect their systems with direct integrations and middleware. We work with development teams to integrate product data tracking into the marketing stack.

Actionable Reporting

Actionable reporting in marketing is crucial for measuring the effectiveness of strategies and campaigns. Clear, data-driven metrics provide insight into what’s working and what’s not, offering a detailed analysis of marketing campaigns’ performance across various platforms.

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