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Growth Strategies for Tech Companies Who Help Other Companies Grow

In Hollywood, business gets a bad wrap. The boss is always the greedy villain.  But in real life, we know that companies are collections of people who can accomplish far more together than any of us can do alone.  

Hospitals heal the sick. Utility and energy companies deliver the water, fuel, and electricity that’s fundamental to our civilization. Communications companies keep us connected. Manufacturers make the products we rely on every day. Grocery stores get affordable fresh food to millions. eCommerce companies make it easy to order almost anything. Entertainment and gaming companies give us the respite we need to relax.  Local companies master specialized services to keep families and homes running smoothly.

Innovative software and technology is at the core of all of these businesses. That’s why we’re passionate about helping B2B tech companies like yours find the companies you can help make the world better for all of us.

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Katherine Chalmers

About Katherine Chalmers, Chief CMO

Katherine Chalmers is a fourth-generation female entrepreneur with a passion for innovative technology and an addiction to growth hacking for fast-paced startups.  She’s spent the past 25 years building marketing programs and organizations for business to business tech companies.

Currently as lead CMO, she leads the VelocityMarketing.com team and works as a CMO for hire, helping B2B software and technology firms with their branding and go-to-market growth strategies.

She was previously head of marketing at a $50M national audiovisual integration company based in McLean, Virginia. There she managed all aspects of marketing including brand, lead generation, marketing operations, product marketing, and (occasionally) software development. While there, she managed a major rebranding project, rebuilt and modernized the company website, and designed and led development for a specialized sign display application Docket Display, the company’s first SaaS product.

At LiveSafe, Katherine was responsible for helping develop and implement marketing processes. In addition to overseeing outbound marketing, events, sales enablement, and the marketing technology stack for the growing SaaS company, she was part of the product launch team, account based marketing team and developed programmatic marketing campaigns for the customer support team.

She was previously the Strategic Director for VelocityMarketing.com and founded WhatsFun.com, a startup dedicated to helping tech-savvy moms find more fun.

Katherine also managed marketing for Netuitive, an innovative enterprise performance management software company named a Gartner Cool Vendor for 2007 and a Best of VMworld winner in 2007 and 2009. She began working with the company as a consultant with High Velocity Marketing in 2003 helping develop the initial branding strategy, website and collateral suite with the launch of its first IT software solution. In 2005, she joined the company full-time and has helped build a highly-focused marketing organization that helped the company grow revenue 500% in 2006, 140% in 2007 and increase customers 300% in 2008. (Netuitive rebranded as Metricly and was acquired by Virtana.)

Katherine built the global Internet marketing program at Categoric Software. There she transformed the company Web site into an integrated marketing tool supporting company-wide branding and marketing initiatives.

As Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Survey.com in Silicon Valley, she built the company’s pre-funding marketing organization. In addition to developing ultra-efficient systems to deliver high-impact marketing with limited resources, she managed partner initiatives and led the company’s corporate name change and re-branding project.

Katherine managed marketing at DSP Communications, a NASDAQ-traded maker of baseband processors for wireless handsets before its acquisition by Intel, and began her high-tech career at BellSouth Cellular.

She earned an MBA from Emory University, a BA in History and Global Policy Studies from the University of Georgia, and studied at the Institue d’Etudes Politiques (Science Po) in Paris, France. She is also a graduate of TheFunded.com’s Founder Institute.

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