Growth Strategy

Comprehensive Go-to-Market Planning for B2B Tech Companies

Crafting an Effective Go-to-Market Plan

VelocityMarketing Composite Growth Model
The VelocityMarketing Composite Growth Model

Whether you’re launching a new startup, bringing a new product to market, or simply need a refresh to adapt to evolving market conditions, the process of thoroughly analyzing and defining your customers, markets, products and services creates a unified playbook that gets everyone on your team working together. A clear plan makes it easier stay on track and execute efficiently. It informs your messaging. It guides your copywriting and campaigns. It makes it easy to know when interesting opportunities offer a way forward or simply a distraction.

We use a proprietary Composite Growth Model to map sales and marketing activities to each stage of the customer journey. The goal is to accelerate throughput for the marketing/sales funnel and maximize lifetime customer value. Typically we roll out the GTM plans in stages to focus on urgent priorities and allow for internal and external resource availability. As prospects and customers cycle through, we test, optimize, and test again for continuous improvement.

Honestly, we can’t “make up” a go-to-market plan for you. Our role is to guide your executive team through the planning process, providing ideas, objective insights, and analysis. We facilitate discussion with your internal team and with customers to help you craft the right growth strategy for your business. Then, we organize the findings into reference documents that you can use to keep your entire team rowing in the same direction. 


Market Analysis & Positioning

The greatest marketing plan in the world can’t overcome poor market and customer targeting. Before you write your next line of code, make sure you know which segment of the market offers your best opportunity and which users have the kind of pain your products solve best.

If your product doesn’t yet fit the needs of your target customers, now’s the time to either clarify your segmentation and targeting or rework your product roadmap (or both). Effective positioning is the foundation of successful marketing programs.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Unfortunately, competitors don’t just roll out of your way in a competitive market. Understanding the competitive landscape makes it easier to identify lightly defended and blue ocean opportunities. We’ll help you identify which segments you have the best shot of winning in the marketplace.

Messaging Maps

Messaging Maps

We help you develop personas and value propositions for your targeted customer segments and craft persuasive messaging to clearly communicate the value of your software and services. Deep understanding of customers and their needs and objectives is a critical foundation for driving growth. We use a custom messaging map framework that incorporates the best elements of the Strategyzer Value Proposition Canvas, April Dunford’s Obviously Awesome method, Simon Sinek’s Start with Why vision, and Donald Miller’s StoryBrand hero journey.

Product Marketing

Product Marketing

Product development and product marketing are closely integrated in modern growth strategies. We can help your team identify opportunities for crafting better customer experiences to accelerate sales and user adoption. We strategize pricing and feature sets to segment customers for increased margins. We can produce product-related content to support lead generation, sales enablement, and customer success throughout the customer journey.

Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Defining clear, repeatable processes for attracting prospects, closing deals, onboarding buyers, and retaining valued customers is critical to the success of your software company. We help clients define, implement, measure, and iterate along each key step.

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