A Pragmatic Approach to SEO

SEO Illustration


Most marketers know that maintaining a healthy website that’s well optimized for search engines is a critical part of any inbound marketing program. So why do so many marketing teams procrastinate optimizing their websites?

Search engine optimization can feel overwhelming. With so many new terms to learn and Google’s constantly changing algorithms, many marketers find it difficult to squeeze mastering SEO into their busy schedules.

For growing companies, getting help with SEO can be tough. Few SEO agencies understand the specialized keywords that many companies target and they are not familiar with the websites and industry influencers who can help drive traffic and authority for your site.

High-end SEO agencies demand several thousand dollars a month. Paying top dollar specialists to do the simple stuff is a waste of money but at the affordable end of the market, SEO consulting attracts way too many sleazy snake oil sellers whose unsavory practices could get your site banned altogether.

Fortunately, there are a few best practices that will not only help optimize your website for Google and Bing, but also help it become more engaging for the actual people who visit it. Sure, there are a lot of super advanced techniques you can add later, but starting with the basics is a cost-effective, pragmatic approach to building a good foundation and improving your organic traffic.

We offer four tiers of search engine optimization services:


Website Health Check Audit

Get a complete assessment of your website’s optimization status and personalized recommendations for improving it. You’ll learn:

  • How easy is it for search engines to crawl your site? If they cannot index your pages, they cannot include them in the relevant search engine results pages.
  • How well is your site being indexed currently? Are all your pages included? Are there pages in the index that should not be there?
  • How fast is your site loading? What page elements could be slowing it down?
  • How well are your individual pages optimized? We’ll pinpoint the pages that need immediate attention.
  • What hidden gotchas lurking in your site’s technical setup could be harming your SEO? We’ll tell you what to fix.
  • How well are you ranking for your 10-20 most important keyword targets?
  • How well are your competitors ranking for your target keywords?

Whether you choose to optimize your site yourself or ask us to do it for you, the Website Health Check Audit gives you a comprehensive list of updates needed.

Basic Search Engine Optimization

If you don’t have the time or internal resources to implement the your SEO updates, we can help. First we’ll assign a dedicated account manager who will work closely with your webmaster and marketing team to get the project done. We start with making sure you have the right instrumentation (Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Yoast SEO plugin, etc.) Then address technical site issues like site speed, permalink structure, sitemap.xml and robots.txt errors.

The basic optimization package includes on-page optimization for up to 25 pages targeting up to 20 unique keywords or long tail phrases.

Deluxe Search Engine Optimization

The deluxe package includes everything in the basic plan plus a targeted link building outreach campaign. It also features a content strategy and editorial calendar to identify new pages, blog posts, and premium content needed to help expand the search engine presence and enhance domain authority.

The deluxe optimization package includes on-page optimization for up to 75 pages targeting up to 50 unique keywords or long tail phrases.