Messaging and Materials for Secondary Wire

Messaging and Materials for Secondary Wire

By on Feb 24, 2016

SecondaryWireSecondaryWire’s online mortgage auction site is transforming the secondary mortgage market. It helps loan sellers generate higher yield spreads and commissions while dramatically reducing the overall cost of loan acquisition/origination for loan purchasers.

Silicon Valley startup SecondaryWire engaged to develop messaging for a completely new kind of B2B service for the mortgage industry.  We created a message map, a starter logo and corporate identity package and their first website.

As the product matured, we worked with their development to integrate the starter website into the app and provided enhanced graphics. We enhanced their logo and branding. We also wrote, storyboarded and managed production for their explainer video and designed and produced their first trade show booth.

SecondaryWire website Website Graphics and Messaging
SecondaryWire Explainer VideoExplainer Video
SecondaryWire Tradeshow BoothTrade Show Booth