Marketing Technology

Technology is transforming modern marketing practices. We leverage advanced technology to help growing software and technology companies execute successfully against much larger competitors.  We’ll help you select the right applications and efficiently integrate them with your product and sales processes.


icon_technologyMarketing Automation and CRM
Take advantage of the latest innovations in marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM)/salesforce automation (SFA) applications. We provide complete implementation services to support your marketing and sales processes with the right technology at the right price level.

icon_funnelSales Funnel Management
Self-service web research has changed the sales process.  Early engagement happens online and salespeople engage later in the customer’s discovery process so marketing plays a bigger role in nurturing leads to sales readiness.  We leverage technology to support your sales processes throughout the funnel.

marketing technology trainingTraining
The greatest technology in the world is useless if your sales and marketing team doesn’t know how to use it. We’re committed to facilitating knowledge transfer throughout our engagements and can provide customized training programs as needed.