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New websites are some of the most fun – and challenging – marketing projects. These projects have very high stakes and high visibility for marketing teams. With the right planning, you can successfully marshal resources across your company to maximize the success and impact of your new site and minimize the risks of internal discord and project failure. With the right tools and techniques, you can build a professional new site quickly and at a fraction of the cost great looking, fully-featured sites used to require.

Here are some of the kinds of questions our strategic director can help with in the call:

  • How to plan your new website to ensure success
  • What content and features are most important in 2021
  • How to make sure your website supports your brand
  • How to integrate a new website into your overall marketing program
  • How to best align your website content and features to your end-to-end customer journey
  • Key strategies to address the needs of all the website stakeholders across your company and win their support to ensure the site’s success
  • How maximize your branding opportunities and adopt the latest website innovations on the new site – even if you don’t have a huge web development budget or an in-house design team
  • The surprising resource that can inspire your marketing team’s web design choices
  • Which content planning tools can keep you on track 
  • How to ensure your new website will effectively support your social media program
  • What you need to know to avoid cratering your SEO rankings when the new site rolls out
  • How to map your marketing tech stack data flows to capture every lead, track every account, and enhance engagement across your customer’s journey
  • How to plan your project budget and wring every ounce of marketing value and functionality from it
  • How to select the right website development, martech consulting, and technical resources to accelerate your new website’s implementation
  • How much should you budget for building a new website?
  • What services are available for ongoing help and support?

About the Consultant

Katherine Chalmers is a growth marketing leader with experience in all aspects of modern B2B marketing. She has more than 20 years of experience overseeing web development and related marketing operation implementations to support growth marketing programs for B2B software and technology companies.

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